Sunday, April 8, 2007

There always has to be a first time.

So here begins my epic journey to think of an idea that will enable me to create a work of art that in turn will set me on a path that alters the rest of my life. No big deal.

They (the thesis students) tell me: "I cant believe the time has finally come. I have to have everything set up by tomorrow. oh shit." One week later: "I cant believe that it's over. oh shit."

I must admit that I got this blogging idea from one of those poor sleepless souls, but I started a notebook of ideas a month ago. I hope that it is obvious that Im trying my hardest to find some spark of inspiration in the only ways I really know how to do well: Brainstorming and Fiddling.

Things you should know about me:
-I am a junior, a 3/4 developed undergraduate student on east coast of the united states.
-I love to procrastinate like every art student, but once I get going, theres no stopping me.
-I decided ten months ago I didnt want to cut my hair anymore. It's making slow progress, but Im not giving up.
-Im extremely scared about my thesis and its a year away.
-I absolutely love going to indoor rock/punk/indie concerts. They inspire me.
-I drew my first horse in first grade and it had a red reindeer nose.
-I still think art can be pretty.
-I still think art can be the most hideous thing Ive ever seen.
-I think my friends and fam (including my boyfriend) are the coolest people in the world.
-Ive kept a daily schedule/log since my first day of college at Wesleyan (August 30, 2004)
-I cant live without the smell of horse manure in my life.
-I feel most in control of my life when Im on the pitching mound.
-I notice when the color of the sky changes. Always.
-I get anxious when I sit still.
-I am a horrible speller
-I hate math but I have a secret desire to learn it as well as a secret crush on anyone who can do it.
-I love lists.

Finally the sun set from the left side of my window on the eighth floor of the tallest building on the Wesleyan campus. Its a Sunday night and everyone is sad about all of the work they have to do and will never totally finish until May. Somewhere in the Zilkha gallery in the world of the grey CFA, someone is taking down a thesis and someone is putting one up. Somewhere in the 7th dimension of my mind, Im doing the same thing.


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